VEGAS DREAM Leaderboard & Summary

Phil's Vegas Dream Finalists

Listed below are the Contest “Vegas Dream” finalists. Each user below has earned one entry to the “Phil Ivey Vegas Dream” Main Event June 24th. 

Name of FinalistPointsDate
Judo_Chop7992.756/14 to 6/20
FantasyAlarm1109.006/14 to 6/20
umpire344980.256/14 to 6/20
FantasyAlarmKen735.026/14 to 6/20
jdubadubs368.256/14 to 6/20
wiseguygene295.006/14 to 6/20
penglund185.006/14 to 6/20
WVU_SC130.006/14 to 6/20
Luca_2818127.006/14 to 6/20
filmcritic110.266/14 to 6/20
Name of FinalistPointsDate
FantasyAlarmKen1033.515/17 to 5/23
Oceans225.005/17 to 5/23
sammyrga100.005/17 to 5/23
bruders175.005/17 to 5/23
WVU_SC72.005/17 to 5/23
fryanne71.005/17 to 5/23
Pedrosobigote70.005/17 to 5/23
Pearljam62.005/17 to 5/23
BlackTrump60.005/17 to 5/23
edwardraus50.005/17 to 5/23
kellym1k350.005/17 to 5/23
Name of FinalistPointsDate
FantasyAlarmKen4283.265/24 to 5/30
WVU_SC253.005/24 to 5/30
voltron12188.005/24 to 5/30
markwx183.005/24 to 5/30
lebofor3169.005/24 to 5/30
bruders1160.005/24 to 5/30
Pedrosobigote140.005/24 to 5/30
sammyrga134.005/24 to 5/30
penglund105.005/24 to 5/30
BlackTrump102.255/24 to 5/30
Name of FinalistPointsDate
FantasyAlarmKen3963.755/31 to 6/6
qowenwojp569.755/31 to 6/6
voltron12292.005/31 to 6/6
WVU_SC195.005/31 to 6/6
FantasyAlarm189.005/31 to 6/6
Pedrosobigote184.005/31 to 6/6
fryanne163.805/31 to 6/6
penglund145.005/31 to 6/6
bruders1140.005/31 to 6/6
PonyBoy135.005/31 to 6/6
Name of FinalistPointsDate
Judo_Chop6148.766/7 to 6/13
FantasyAlarm3958.006/7 to 6/13
qowenwojp1180.006/7 to 6/13
FantasyAlarmKen644.536/7 to 6/13
wiseguygene525.006/7 to 6/13
melonheadsdfs173.256/7 to 6/13
callmemikeee168.006/7 to 6/13
mello610164.126/7 to 6/13
WVU_SC162.006/7 to 6/13
bruders1125.256/7 to 6/13

Just a few yards from goal!

The contest participants listed below came really close, but only just missed qualification. With a few more games you could add the final few points you need to qualify!

Name of FinalistPointsDate
kootenator86.006/14 to 6/20
scottrubin7675.006/14 to 6/20
mello61072.086/14 to 6/20
Cobroa369.756/14 to 6/20
callmemikeee64.006/14 to 6/20
Name of FinalistPointsDate
filmcritic44.775/17 to 5/23
penglund31.005/17 to 5/23
Tonynd836626.045/17 to 5/23
pbgkid1225.255/17 to 5/23
Lyellin19.295/17 to 5/23
Name of FinalistPointsDate
TheGrinder100.005/24 to 5/30
fryanne95.255/24 to 5/30
kootenator94.005/24 to 5/30
Oceans89.505/24 to 5/30
Royals8075.005/24 to 5/30
Name of FinalistPointsDate
Funky_bunch3124.005/31 to 6/6
melonheadsdfs115.265/31 to 6/6
kootenator82.005/31 to 6/6
callmemikeee70.005/31 to 6/6
martie2167.005/31 to 6/6
Name of FinalistPointsDate
kootenator114.006/7 to 6/13
martie2165.006/7 to 6/13
filmcritic53.026/7 to 6/13
penglund50.006/7 to 6/13
Royals8047.006/7 to 6/13

Vegas Dream Promotion

What Could I Win?

The Vegas Dream Main Event winner will receive:

  • WSOP Main Event Seat – $10,000 Value !!!
  • Vegas Trip – Hotel & Airfare
  • Phil Ivey Meet and Greet

What is the Vegas Dream Promotion?

Win a World Series of Poker Main Event Seat, trip to Las Vegas, and the chance to meet Phil Ivey by entering against users in daily fantasy sports contests on

Each week users compete for points to win entries into the Vegas Dream Main Event.

How Do I Participate?

To participate in the Vegas Dream promotion, you must sign up at

Once registered, play on and you are automatically entered!

Finish in the top ten of the Vegas Dream weekly leaderboard and win entry to the Vegas Dream Main Event.

How Does it Work?

From May 17th to June 20th 2016, users will compete for points to gain entry to the Vegas Dream Main Event.

The scoring is broken into five (5) weeks:

Week 1 – May 17th to May 23rd

Week 2 – May 24th to May 30th

Week 3 – May 31st to June 6th

Week 4 – June 7th to June 13th

Week 5 – June 14th to June 20th

Each week the Top 10 point leaders receive an entry to the “Vegas Dream” Main Event.

Point Totals are reset each week. Users can earn multiple entries to the Vegas Dream Main Event.

How are the “Points” Calculated?

Users earn points based upon their buy-ins.

$1 in Buy-Ins is worth 1 point.

For Example:

$10 in Buy-Ins = 10 points

$150 in Buy-Ins = 150 points

$1,000 in Buy-Ins = 1000 points

Point Totals are reset each week.

A user can win multiple weeks and earn more than entry to the Vegas Dream Main Event.

Users start earning points automatically starting May 17th 2016.


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